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9 Steps To Improve Lunchtime!

Has lunchtime boredom got its hold on you? Have no fear as we are here to save you with our 9 steps of lunchtime entertainment!


  1. Play card/board game

Playing cards is a fun way to make time go faster and puts you in a good mood to start work again once you have finished work. If you are not a fan of cards and everyone has the same lunch break time, why not get a board game and let the fun begin!

  1. Take a nap

Taking a nap isn’t just for when you were little. If you didn’t get enough sleep the night before and the day seems like it is dragging, take a nap at your lunch break… you will feel refreshed and ready to get on with the rest of the working day once you lunch break is over.

  1. Call a friend

If you have the time and you know you friends aren’t busy why not call one of them? They will appreciate that you care about them enough to make the time to call and you will have had a good conversation while enjoying your lunch.

  1. Take a walk 

If it’s a nice day, then get out of the office and go take a walk down the street or at the nearest park. Being out side will make you feel refreshed and wake you up if you are feeling sleepy.

  1. Read a book you enjoy

Got a book you really enjoy but seem never to have the time to read it? Well how about you bring it to work with you? You can sit at your desk or outside in the fresh air and read you book while you tuck into the sandwich you have been waiting to eat.

  1. Meditate 

Meditation is calming and relaxing, it can clear you head so when you have finished you lunch and your meditation you go back to work with an open mind to what you have just been working on.

  1. Meet someone new

You have an hour! That is the perfect time to try and meet someone new! You never know you could meet someone who stays as a friend for life on that one lunch break.

  1. Soak up the sun

Sunny day outside and you’ve been in the office all day? Go out on your lunch break and soak up the warmth of the sunny day! When you go back into the office you will feel so much happy.

  1. Eat

It’s called lunch break for a reason. While trying to make your lunch break as fun as possible in the hour that you have make sure you make time to eat. If you don’t you could end up being really hungry when the lunch break is over and now having time to eat because of all the work, you have. Eating on your lunch break makes you feel better and you will in a better mood to continue your work for the rest of the day.