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4 Office Motivation Tips

Working in an office can often make you feel tired, bored and unmotivated. Even if you are the type of person who loves waking up for work every morning, there will be a few times within the week where you feel more deflated than usual.  But, with these motivational office tips, you will start to find that inner office enthusiasm all over again.



Although it may seem obvious, sleep is often neglected for its importance for productivity and engagement. Re-energizing ensures a healthier and happier life style, especially when you find yourself starring at a computer screen for the best part of a day. To avoid falling asleep at your desk, ensure 7-9 hours of sleep each night and do not forget – remove all electronic devices from the room to allow the brain to completely switch off and get that much needed rest.



Staying in the same place for too long at work can become repetitive and therefore, boring! There are a few ways you can escape from your corner desk for a few minutes without taking yourself away from a task. For instance, take that next phone call outside, or suggest walking with co-workers to discuss ideas or business plans. Keeping the mind fresh and distracted from the office environment can often prompt creative ideas that you may not have had sitting at the same meeting table. Staying still for too long will lead to a loss of focus so dedicating movement twice an hour is essential to keeping sharp and innovative.



Lightening up the office with the odd joke or off topic conversation can spark not only laughter, but also creative juices in the brain. The most important aspect within every work space is to feel comfortable and relaxed within that environment. Let’s face it, you spend most of your day in the same room with the same people, so you may as well make it feel like a second home! By sharing humour and laughing with one another, people become automatically relaxed and less stressed. Adding the two together means a more effective worker who enjoys to show up every day. More so, humour identifies confidence which spirals into leadership and communication skills. So, for those who think humour is unprofessional, start to see it more as a great tool for development.



Boosting the self-esteem and confidence of your employees and co-workers is easily achieved through praise and positive feedback. It does not matter which part of the hierarchy you sit within your company, everyone gets that ‘feel good’ feeling from being praised. Humans are programed to react positively when they are rewarded by their employers. Often, work compliments spark energy and new ideas into an employee. After being praise, employees then want continue performing well to seek further praise in the future. For all you directors and managers out there, it is in your benefit to praise your employees; the more you praise, the more productive they are likely to be!