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How to add Christmas cheer to your work space

It’s the first week of December and the official countdown to Christmas has begun! Christmas is a magical time of year, full of anticipation and excitement, and we think the fun doesn’t need to stop when you’ve left your homes! When you’ve left your own personal grottos, nothing is better than being welcomed to Christmas cheer when entering the workplace.

Because of this, we’ve put together some handy tips and tricks you and a handful of eager elves can use to transform your workplace into a magical Winter wonderland.



Get on a roll….

Every workplace needs toilet roll, which is a great place to start for creating your Christmas wonderland. The cardboard tube that remains makes a great prop for your favourite Christmas settings. From chimneys for Santa to shimmy down, to red nosed reindeer, toilet roll can really help create a Christmas scene with a lick of paint and some colouring pencils. Plus, it helps make your (much hoped for) “White Christmas” that little bit greener.


Create a virtual Christmas scene

Who said Christmas decorations had to all be physical? Many of us work on computers, laptops and other devices. These provide great additional spaces to continue Christmas festivities. Changing your desktop image to something festive will add excitement to logging in in the mornings, leaving you with a smile on your face while logging off. The best part of these decorations – instant cleanup afterwards!



Origami stockings

 What better way to add a little creative flair (particularly within workplaces like offices) around Christmas time than with origami stockings? These foldable delights are sure to impress both internal staff and external visitors with a clever transformation of a humble office supply. All you need for these wonderfully crafted decorations are a steady pair of hands and symmetrical eye for folding.



Present decorations

A classic example of “two birds one stone”- most businesses get through a lot of inventory and supplies that leave a lot of empty boxes and packaging. Empty boxes make for perfect props for Christmas gift decorations that really transform work environments. Afterwards, you can either keep them for next year or put them into recycling.


The ABC’s of Christmas decorations (advent calendars, baubles, candy canes and chocolates)


Now the workplace Christmas picture is starting to take form, it’s time for the ABC’s. Most of the fun of Christmas is the anticipation and counting down from the first of December. This is certainly where advent calendars come in. Advent calendars can be props scattered around the workplace that make the daily commutes even more exciting as the windows are opened one by one, day by day.

Next? Baubles, baubles are almost synonymous with Christmas and will add sense of Christmas wonder to any workplace, either in transparent containers or scattered on desks. Lastly, chocolate and candy cane, what better excuse or time to indulge on the sweet delicious treats? At least that’s our excuse!



The Christmas tree

So far, we’ve given you the equivalent of making a delicious sundae without the cherry, and of course, the tree is that cherry. No Christmas workplace décor is complete without a Christmas tree. Go small, large, real or artificial, but whatever you do, have fun dressing it! Add Christmas lights, hook candy canes onto the branches and feel free to add a couple of hanging Christmas figures into the mix too!

Feeling inspired to try decorating your own workplace?

Give it a go yourself and have fun decorating your workspace for the most wonderful time of the year!