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Celebrating Easter At the Office

The excitement of walking down the isles filled with Easter eggs in the supermarkets is not the only place you can get into the Easter spirit.  When you work in an office, holidays are the perfect excuse to bring some joy and feel-good activities to the normal 9-5 working day. Choose some of your favourites from our Easter Office Tips and contribute to boosting everyone’s spirits at work.

4 Easter Office Tips

  • Decorate your desk with Easter cheer

Encourage your work colleagues to bring in Easter items such as bunnies, eggs or handmade decorations such Easter egg garlands. Remember to ensure all decorations are bright and colourful!

  • Set up an Easter treat table

Create a table dedicated for Easter treats. You could either buy small packets of chocolates, donate Easter eggs or bake some Easter cakes. Since you don’t want to end up with a table completely full of chocolate by the time Easter rolls round, encourage staff to enjoy the snacks throughout the week leading up the Easter weekend.

  • East egg hunt

There are many possible variations for this one. Either hide real Easter eggs, or plastic ones that have some kind of voucher for a work-related gift inside. Maybe an extended lunch break, a bottle of wine, or a voucher for coffee.

  • Don’t forget about your clients

Send your customers and prospects something that relates to your services that might persuade them to give you a call. Perhaps an Easter card with a free sample of your product.