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6 Ways To Support Local Business

Think Local, Shop Small!

There are so many small businesses out there and we think it is so important to shop small as well as support local businesses when you can. Whether your friend has a small business, or you have discovered a wonderful business online or on your local high street, show them some love! Here are 6 ways you can support local businesses, with most being completely free…

1. Like, comment and share posts

Most small businesses are on social media as it is a great way to get their brand noticed, share products and for keeping their followers up to date with their latest news. By simply engaging with their posts by liking, commenting, and sharing content, you will be supporting them by getting their business in front of more people.

2. Recommend to friends and family

One of the best ways to show your support is through word of mouth as people are more likely to use a business that their friends and family have already used. Talking about a small business and recommending them to friends and family will help them get new customers and hopefully get more people to spread the word.

3. Write a positive review

Reviews have become THE essential aspect of business. These days, most people will scour the internet searching for reviews on a company or product. Reviews are particularly helpful for small businesses as they show their brand as a trusted place to buy from which helps others make the decision to purchase their product or service. This can be done by writing a review on their website or Facebook page.

4. Sign up to newsletters

Newsletters are a great way to stay up to date with business news, new products and information on products and services. Many companies now opt for email newsletters or blogs to reach a wider audience. Help them grow their email list by signing up and sharing the link to encourage others to do so too.

5. Send them a personal message

Often small businesses are only one person or a small team of people – one personal message can make someone’s day! So, drop them a personal message over email or on social media to let them know how much you love their business and why. Not only will this put a smile on their face, it will be the motivation and encouragement they might need to keep going, especially in today’s current climate.

6. Buy from them

All of the above points show you how easy it is to support a small business by spending nothing at all! Of course, nothing will support them more than buying from them. So, whether you have a birthday coming up or you need to stock on supplies, think ‘buy local’ and choose a small business to support instead of giant retailers.

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Our mission is to:
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