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Adjusting To Life In Lockdown

Embrace Change Successfully

Recently, we have all found ourselves having to adapt, both in our personal and professional lives. The ability to quickly and successfully adapt to and embrace change will undoubtedly be a key skill for the workforce of the future. The prospect of continual change may understandably cause some fear and anxiety but by understanding how we respond to change, what influences this, and how we can take control of the situation, we can learn how to embrace it – and in doing so, develop an important, transferable skillset. Our top 5 tips for doing just that are:

1. Ask Questions

When receiving news of an impending change, your immediate reaction will most likely be emotional, and you may experience feelings of shock and worry – this is completely normal. Much of the anxiety you feel will be rooted in the unknown, and the “what ifs”. The only way to alleviate the ambiguity is to get the information you need and the best way to do this is by asking questions. Your manager may not know that you want or need the information so don’t wait for it to be provided to you. Understand what the real story is rather than relying on rumours – the sooner you have all the facts, the sooner you will be able to process them and interpret what they mean for you.

2. Break Down The Information

Take some time to work out exactly what the change means you will have to do differently in your day to day role. Breaking down the big picture into smaller, manageable chunks allows you to feel more in control. Transitioning to a new way of working may seem daunting and unfamiliar, especially in a tight timeframe, but segmenting it into individual, practical steps will make it seem less intimidating.

3. See It As An Opportunity, Not A Challenge

Fear about change often comes from negative thoughts about what your future could hold. Understand exactly what your worries are, where they are coming from and how you can challenge this. Ask yourself some questions such as what could I learn or gain from this change or what are the real implications and opportunities for me. By really thinking about the answers to questions like these, it will give you more clarity about dealing with the situation.

4. Be Patient & Persevere

Through supporting your local businesses, you are actually helping to support local entrepreneurs, allowing them to get their foot in the door. They also give something back to the community and can tend to offer better deals than larger chains on the things you actually want.

5. Remember It’s A Lifelong Skill

Finally, it’s important to remember that despite the ongoing uncertainty, the way that we are even now collectively adapting to this new ‘normal’ as a way of life is proof of how resilient we are. Embracing change successfully is not just a skill for now or tomorrow, but throughout the whole of your personal and professional life.