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Top 5 Office Tips for Work in the Winter Months

Following a hot Indian summer, Britain is predicted a snow filled and freezing November because of reduced solar activity (Express 2018). This could very well mean sub-zero temperatures lasting for four months until February. The change in season also brings changes in the way we work, from the working environment itself to the way we spend our spare down time and lunch times in office. We’ve put together our top tips for surviving this winter 2018.

  1. Wake up earlier

In the winter months, it’s almost inevitable for even the simplest tasks to take longer, starting with our daily commute.

For those who drive into work, freezing weather conditions mean the start of donned winter jackets, woolly hats and braving the elements, defroster in hand for the dreaded defrosting ritual. This extra task in the morning can be time consuming, so allowing extra time for defrosting your car and other means of commute to work is beneficial for when unexpected hiccups and delays occur.

defrost car


  1. In office exercise

Winter weather can interfere with our lunchtime “break out” rituals; time used to get away from our desks for a stretch of our legs and a walk to get away for a while. So what can you do when it’s cold, wet and dark and you don’t want to walk outside for a little afternoon exercise?

  • Office yoga: Doing some simple, moderate yoga stretches in office is a fantastic way to get your blood pumping. Yoga also increases circulation and provides mental respite, plus it’s great cardio (Coles 2017).
  • Light conditioning/ stretches: From press-ups to triceps dips and sit-ups, using your body’s natural weight resistance to exercise lightly is a fantastic way to get your blood pumping and burn some calories during the winter months while staying warm and dry (Boldt 2016).

office yoga


  1. Stay Warm

Shaking the office chill is beneficial for both employers and employees. A comfortable temperature in office can increase workplace performance, with the ideal temperature being around 21-22°c (Society for Human Resource Management 2010). Electric heaters are great for keeping warm and maintaining sharp performance. Taking coffee/ tea breaks and having soups for lunch is also another great winter warmer, allowing you to stay focused throughout the day.

office space heaters


  1. Self-care/ personal hygiene

Winter is a time of year where germs and bugs are abundantly rife. This coupled with people in close quarters shaking hands, touching keyboards and using telephones mean it’s rather easy for these nasty bugs to spread around the office and make people ill. The best way to avoid the spread of these microscopic creepy crawlies is through proper hygiene such as thorough washing of hands (we hope this is already the case) and use of antibacterial gels to stop germs in their tracks and keep the workforce healthy.

hand gel


  1. Proper Nutrition/ Nourishment

The colder months bring with it increased chances of illness and lowered immune systems, that’s why it’s important to nourish the body with the right vitamins and supplements to preserve good health. Soups with various winter vegetables such as butternut squash, turnips and celery are a great and tasty way to keep your body fighting fit during the winter season. All that’s required is an office microwave, also supplementing your body with vitamin tablets will help keep you on top form.


winter soup


We’ve found these simple steps can have a very positive effect in getting the most out of your winter working days from productivity to good health. Feel free to give them a try to rule your working day this winter!