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Benefits of a Sit-Stand desk

A guest blog from Europe’s No1 supplier of standing desks, Sit-Stand.Com

You may have heard of standing desks, adjustable work stations and how they are the antidote to workplace ill health, but do you really know how and why they can improve your working life?

The benefits of using a sit-stand desk were assumed but not proven until relatively recently, as research into the area was sparse. But thanks to the efforts of the non-profit Active Working campaign, there is now strong evidence that swapping between a seated and standing position during your working day brings health advantages that go far beyond easing a sore back.

And that’s why standing desks, such as those from Sit-Stand.Com , Europe’s No1 low-cost standing desk supplier, now get the seal of approval from chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists and Public Health England.

So what benefits can you expect to get from using a sit-stand desk? They include:

  1. Raised calorie burn, improved blood circulation and reduced blood pressure

Working at a standing desk encourages movement and fidgeting, especially when used in conjunction with an anti-fatigue mat or balance board such as the Steppie. Gentle, frequent adjustment of your standing position helps activate key muscle groups, maintain a healthy metabolic rate and boost blood flow. Furthermore, important enzymes which sweep bad cholesterol out of your arteries are much more effective when you stand.

  1. Improved posture and mobility

When standing, you naturally align your spine to an ‘S’ shape and thereby engage and strengthen your core muscles. Breaking up sitting time with periods on your feet is important to avoid the risk of ‘freezing’ your spine in the damaging ‘C’ position. Using a standing desk makes it quick and simple to swap between the two for short periods throughout your working day.

  1. Increased concentration, motivation and collaboration

Working in a standing position boosts confidence and performance, because oxygen flows more easily to your head, boosting feel-good endorphins. So when making important phone calls, taking part in important discussions etc, make sure you are standing for maximum efficiency and success. You’ll be surprised by the difference it makes.

  1. Reduced stress and better sleep

The action of standing opens your diaphragm and chest, improving your breathing. As a result, you function more effectively, get through your work more quickly and efficiently and consequently feel more on top of things and less stressed. At the same time, you are burning more calories and engaging more muscles, helping you use energy more efficiently and giving you an ongoing light workout throughout the day. As a result, you will find your sleep improves.

  1. Higher productivity

Certain tasks such as clearing your email inbox, sorting through documents, organising files and assessing information can be done much more quickly and efficiently from a standing position. Employers report that staff who use a standing desk perform more creatively and productively.


In Scandinavia, an impressive 90% of office workers have a sit-stand desk, thanks to legislation that recognises the value of active working for the health and happiness of the nation. Isn’t it about time you followed suit?

With thanks to Sit-Stand.Com Europe’s No1 supplier of active working solutions, including the best-selling Yo-Yo Desk® MINI which costs less than £200 and sits atop an existing workstation for maximum impact with minimum installation issues.