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Make a donation this Christmas

Christmas is all about giving, especially to those less fortunate than ourselves. Any donation goes a long way so do your best to give a little more this Christmas.

If you can spare an afternoon

Does your workplace hold a Holiday party during office hours? Consider using a part of that afternoon to visit a soup kitchen. Chances are, you’ll find it more fulfilling than overeating the annual holiday cheese ball.

If you can spare a full day

Contact a local shelter or donation centre and ask if they could use a few extra hands. Many charities are looking for more volunteers around the holidays. You can also go through a volunteer organization to find the right match. Volunteering is a perfect way to help out during Christmas, because everyone needs a friend.

If you can spare only a few hours

At this time of year, the homeless are especially vulnerable. Get your co-workers together to do a soup, socks and coffee run. Hand these out in your city centre, or any area around town with a large homeless population.

If you can spare some funds

An office fundraiser is a great way to give back if you’re too time-strapped to volunteer. This can take two forms. Option one is to become the office fundraiser; pick a charity, then send out an office-wide email asking for contributions. The second is to host a bake sale; ask each co-worker to contribute a dish, and donate what’s raised to a local charity.

If you can spare coats or non-perishables

Winter clothes can be a big expense for low-income households. And no one should go hungry during the holidays. Set up two bins at the front of the office — one for winter clothes like hats, mittens and coats, and the other for non-perishables — then put up posters around the office asking for donations. Choose a cut-off date for donations, then take the items to your local food and clothing bank.

Everyone needs a pick-me-up to start the holidays. Make someone’s day when you make a donation.

The holidays are coming and you better believe it’s time to spread the cheer!