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How to save paper and preserve natural resources

Sustainability- An important subject and one we’re sure you’ve probably encountered. But what is sustainability, and why is it important?

We aim to answer those questions and raise awareness to the importance of sustainability and resource preservation, at home and within the workplace. Armed with this new knowledge, we hope you’ll see that making just a few small changes can have a positive impact on the preservation of resources- and that it may be easier than you may think!

What is sustainability?

 Sustainability is the meeting of present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. The main focuses of sustainability are environmental conservation, social responsibility, and economic development.

Why is sustainability important?

Sustainability is important because it affects all of us, now and for future generations to come. In consideration of this, we wanted to help spread the word and raise awareness by sharing some simple tips you can apply at home and at work that will help you  preserve natural resources, reduce waste and preserve our forests.

   1. Buy certified FSC products

From personal items like garden furniture and greeting cards, to workplace commodities like printing paper, when you see the FSC label you can rest assured knowing your product has been responsibly sourced. Switching over to FSC products is simple, just look out for and buy products with the FSC label. Other examples of simple switches you can make are buying FSC toilet paper and tissues, these are available through our online store.

2. Recycle paper and products

In the UK, we throw away 6.3 million tons of paper every year. However, for every ton of paper we recycle, we save 17 trees. Recycling paper also produces 73% less air pollution than making paper from raw materials. Also, buying products made from recycled materials such as pens and pencils contributes to preserving natural resources. Browse our store and take a look at our recycled pens and paper range to buy more sustainably.

    3. Use a non-plastic water bottle

Within the UK, we produce around 13 billion plastic bottles a year and only recycle around 50% of them. Frequently these bottles are only used once and then thrown away. Using the same non-plastic water bottle prevents unnecessary plastic use and encourages the use of water fountains or tap water, cutting down on CO2 emissions in the process.

Also, on the topic of preserving energy, we suggest introducing “tea/coffee rounds” at work and at home. Making hot drinks for multiple people in one go avoids the unnecessary heating/reheating of the kettle, saving energy in the process.

        4. Suggest your workplace use more sustainable products

As we’ve stated, FSC products cover a vast array of products for both home and work use. If there’s more your workplace can be doing to support the environment and preserve forest resources, let them know! Many businesses are recognising the growing concern of sustainability and resource preservation and welcome suggestions to help improve standards. Putting forward your ideas could make a big difference.

If all of us do our bit to be responsible with resource acquisition and forest maintenance, we can preserve our environment for generations to come. Share this article to help spread the word and raise awareness!